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Our Quality policy is based on the satisfaction of our customers, to achieve this we are committed to:

  • Evaluating the satisfaction and analysing the quality expectations of our customers.
  • Offering services in accordance with the specifications and requirements established.
  • Providing economic and financial results that enhance the value of our assets.
  •  Promote quality management to all personnel, at all levels and in all processes of the Company.
  • Assume a proactive attitude to prevent the causes that may give rise to non-conformities.
  • To promote a management committed to quality, in order to ensure the future of the company and its development.
  • To apply the model for business management excellence used as a basis for the "Q for Tourism Quality" certification and its permanence.
  • To support continuous improvement as a priority of quality management, interpreting the expectations of our clients, so that, if appropriate, we can convert them into specifications of our services.
  • Establish a degree of collaboration and commitment with all our suppliers and contractors in the field of quality.
  • To manage human resources within the framework of a process of continuous improvement that allows, permanently, to obtain a greater efficiency in the management.
  • To set annual quality objectives as part of the business management objectives.